Today I Learned

This is just a collection of small bits and pieces of knowledge I picked up on my way. We learn something new every day, so I wanted to keep that gained knowledge accessible for later. It also makes sharing easier. Most of it is just random thoughts and code snippets, with links to further resources.

Embracing Deno Kernel Integration in Jupyter Notebooks • ⏱ 1 min read

Discover how to create dynamic, automatically updating Open Graph images in Next.js for visually rich link previews • ⏱ 3 min read

Intro to docker export, copy and docker exporters • ⏱ 3 min read

the word of images and containers • ⏱ 6 min read

one encoding to rule them all • ⏱ 4 min read

and general mistakes to avoid • ⏱ 4 min read

making programs omnipresent! • ⏱ 3 min read

automate everything • ⏱ 2 min read

the famous crypto couple • ⏱ 2 min read

how to manage your production node processes efficiently • ⏱ 4 min read

considering programs to be works of literature • ⏱ 2 min read

why time flows at a different rate for different observers • ⏱ 5 min read

rules to overcome the dependency • ⏱ 3 min read

Javascript Module System • ⏱ 4 min read

and why it matters • ⏱ 3 min read