Jupyter Notebooks meets Javascript

Yash Soni
Yash Soni / May 21, 2024
1 min read

I am a huge fan of using Jupyter Notebooks because it allow a beautiful blend of code execution, visualization, and documentation in a single environment.

Only issue was it was not available for Javascript runtime...

So few days back I stumbled upon this tweet and the announcement

Deno 1.37 has been released! 📕 Jupyter notebook integration 🖥️ Numerous fixes to the VSCode extension and language server 🧪 Simpler, faster, better test runner 🐢 Ever improving Node/NPM compatibility 🏝️ Quality of life improvements Read more deno.com/blog/v1.37


Setting it up was surprisingly easy, as long as the Python environment is correctly setup!

pip install jupyterlab

deno jupyter --unstable

Once launched, you are prompted with the kernel to use:

Now, JavaScript runtime in the form of the Deno kernel is available for all the JavaScript magic ✨.